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Safeguard Your Soul

Revolutionary Evangelism: It's Time for Your Light to Shine

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139 pages

It's Time for Your Light to Shine!

Small book, quick read, powerful impact! 

Personal Evangelism Explosion – God’s Way!

Truths, Principles, and Real Life Stories of Miracle Soul Rescue!

The resurrection life of Christ, abiding and teeming in the cross-participating believer, is the central generator for Holy Spirit-led evangelism where Christ alone is glorified and fruit that remains is born (John 15:1-16; 2 Corinthians 4:10-12).

Welcome to the world of New Testament victory in Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57-58; 2 Corinthians 2:14).

GOD is pouring out His mercy and “not willing that ANY should perish.” (2 Peter 3:9) Are you skilled and ready to lead someone to Jesus biblically? This brief book will biblically equip you.

What Others are Saying About Revolutionary Evangelism:

“I love it!  This is a wonderful book.  And I’m so fortunate to be able to read it!

“Praise the Lord!  I am being blessed by this book … being encouraged by the wealth of Scripture contained in it.  It is reinforcement to encourage and convict me to do more.” Stefanie


“I have read the book and we are planning it to use it for our Bible study group. It’s a wonderful book for evangelism.” Dwight

“This book, ‘Revolutionary Evangelism’ is empowering and exciting! every Christian can use this book. It is amazing.” Debbie

5 STARS!!! Another home run for Tomasella! Todd Tomasella’s heart and devotion for the unsaved are all over the pages of this incredible read. As our world’s events seem to close in on the Christian’s ability or desire to share the salvation message of Jesus Christ, Revolutionary Evangelism sets the table for a clear direction for daily evangelizing. This book shines in offering hope, while strengthening and equipping the reader to do what we are actually call to do. Lead other’s to salvation and life eternal through the Savior. Revolutionary Evangelism is a manual that should be read in every church fellowship and a great book for prepping youth groups, especially those adolescents preparing for mission trips. Each chapter of this book is ended with a prayer guidance or model for the reader to recite and glean from after applied to the heart. I like that! Also, Todd bolds all scriptures throughout his book, which makes for easy reference. This read is not only extremely informative and empowering, it is an easily digestible book which can be referenced again and again. Many churches have fallen away from the charge we’ve been given to evangelize today because what is coming from the pulpit in many fellowships is a satisfy-me-first gospel, leaving believers with a watered down message of what we are truly to do in this world. Share! Revolutionary Evangelism cuts through the lie of constant self-improvement and self-gratification and refocuses the believer so that he can share the message of salvation to a lost and hurting world. Todd is a solid man of the Holy Scriptures This is my second book of his that I have read and I am grateful for his ministering to me through his writings.” Jesse DeGrazio

5.0 out of 5 Stars Wow !!! “Best book on evangelism ever! A page-turner with an after burner! Get ready for a changed life and mission!” David Watkinson

“5 Stars! Powerful Messages! Wonderfully inspiring book. A true page-turner! I love this book and highly recommend you buy 10 copies to give to the Christians around you!” Justin

“5 Stars. A motivational book for soul winning! The author spells out from Scripture the importance of the Great Commission, as well as practical tips and stories to make evangelism real and effective on a day to day basis. Each chapter has a prayer model at the end, read this book with your eyes and heart and I really believe God will answer these kinds of prayers and you will be changed from the inside out. This book is food for the soul, kindling the heart to burn with desire to win the lost to Christ. And it’s not just a how-to from someone who hasn’t done it himself. There are plenty of real-life examples that will inspire you to get out there and do it: to feel the compassion that Jesus had for the lost and then also tips and ideas from the Scripture and life to get you out and going. A great read for yourself and a wonderful gift for the people in your life who share your burden for the lost!” Anonymous Amazon Customer

“One always has to wonder if an author of a Christian book is really living the life of are they just trying to make some money. I’m here to vouch that the author Todd Tomasella is a true man of God and he is living the life.” Frank Telford

GOD’s LOVE is written on every page and the truths of … The authors heart cry is for men, women, and children to be saved. Through testimony and the Word of God Brother Todd shares with the reader our ‘co-mission’ with Christ…..and that is to “win sinners to His eternal kingdom and also to teach the Word of God to all men, especially those Christ saves into His kingdom.” Brother Todd clearly shows how—through deliverance, kindness, communication of our faith, persistence, reconciliation-prayer of repentance and feet planted. GOD’s LOVE is written on every page and the truths of Scripture stares us right in the eye! I highly recommend “Revolutionary Evangelism” for yourself and to be sure would make wonderful gifts for your ‘saved’ and ‘unsaved’ family and friends. The nourishing Word of God is the answer ~sharing the Gospel with others~ so that they may be saved.” Darlene Troxler

After reading and editing this whole book, here’s what one of the editor’s wrote about this volume:

“This is absolutely perfect!…..actually, spectacular!!  It is exactly, precisely, and unequivocally what a book on this important and exciting topic of evangelism should be.  I love it!! The most important points of winning souls are addressed and the stories that illustrate those points of truth are exhilarating! This book is simply ‘over the top’ as the author has certainly ‘outdone’ himself by the leading of the Holy Spirit with wonderful teaching in a riveting way! I absolutely love the way he put teaching and Scripture in with the story! This book is extremely motivating with regard to getting the reader to either begin successful witnessing or getting the Christian to increase or improve his witnessing. The personal stories about those to whom the author witnessed and led to Jesus were even more exciting! The biblical techniques described in this volume are used in the actual witnessing and show exactly how God brings people to Himself and into His eternal kingdom! The witnessing stories are very descriptive in the personal experience of the author and others of whom he speaks. These actual accounts are enrapturing. This book contains lightness and joy as well as the reality of Scriptural teaching. This truly is a book with evangelistic relevancy and is alive with the truth and the truth in action!” Gayle Patton

Revolutionary Evangelism is an excellent book. This is a real and authentic soul-winning book. The author states it very well and it’s inspired with Holy Scriptures. And most of all this author puts some humor into it. It made me smile… 🙂 Great book! Nothing can take the place of simply deciding to make evangelism a part of your lifestyle… You don’t have to be gifted with gab or a seminary graduate. You just need a willingness to tell others the Word of God and what Christ has done for you…” E.

“To have so many relevant scriptures on this extremely important topic in one little book has been a great blessing to me.  Even if you just skim through the bolded Bible verses, this book will be a very refreshing spiritual experience.  I personally need to be reminded of our Lord’s exhortations, His commands and His blessings – for endeavoring to be used of him to sow the seed (and to intercede) for the lost souls he bled and died to save. ‘He that winneth souls is wise’ (Proverbs 11:30b).” Chris Sitter

You will love this book! Empowering. Gets you fired up. You will go back to it many times.Are you timid sharing the gospel? I am not not talking about through social media, although there is nothing wrong with that. I am talking about face to face, heartfelt daily sharing. The following book will help you overcome intimidation, fear, lethargy in this area. Revolutionary Evangelism by Todd Tomasella is amazing! This read is not only extremely informative and empowering, it is an easy to digest book which can be referenced again and again. Many church fellowships have fallen away from the charge we’ve been given to evangelize today because what is coming from the pulpit in many fellowships is a satisfy-me-first gospel, leaving believers with a watered down message of what we are truly called to do in this world. Share! Revolutionary Evangelism cuts through the lie of constant self-improvement and self-gratification and refocuses the believer so that he can share the message of salvation to a lost and hurting world.” JD

An evangelism book born straight out of the cross and the Holy Scriptures. This user friendly, easy-to-read and brief volume is sure to bear the fruit of God-glorifying ministry in this late hour as we live in fervent expectancy of the soon return of our LORD Jesus Christ. A must-read!

Table of Contents

  1. Oh God, Please Use Me to Reach the Unsaved!
  2. Satan Hates Soul Winners with a Passion!
  3. Derek’s Dilemma and Deliverance!
  4. Kindness is a Soul Winning Weapon
  5. The Communication of Thy Faith
  6. “Ye Shall Receive Power”
  7. The Persistence of One Child
  8. “The Ministry of Reconciliation”
  9. Feet Planted!
  10. “Peace, Good Will Toward Men”

This revolutionary new book is going to put a dent in the devil’s kingdom as believers across God’s globe will be infused with the divine instructions given to us in God’s Word concerning the Great Commission mandate. The word “Revolutionary” in the title is being used only in the sense that God’s Word is ALWAYS fresh, present-tense, relevant, all-powerful. always right now, always alive (living, active), and always effective to His glory as Scripture reveals (Is. 40:8; 55:11; Heb. 4:12; 1 Peter 1:23; Mark 13:31, etc.).

Foreword of Revolutionary Evangelism written by Ron Miears
“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” John 8:32
Having served with Todd in “street level” evangelism, I can personally testify to his astounding knowledge of Scripture and absolute conviction of the unaltered teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the full counsel of His written Word. His burden for lost souls of the world is unmatched in anyone I have ever personally encountered. He preaches and teaches the message of the gospel, period.
The truth, when first heard, can be very uncomfortable and challenging. This book will convict, challenge, and most assuredly, inspire you to action. Through countless Scriptures, these pages will walk you through what we are instructed to do with the saving knowledge of God’s grace through Jesus’ sacrifice for the world and why. Once we hear and understand the message of the gospel we have only two choices; Either to accept or reject the gift of salvation Jesus died to give us. The world wants to convince us that there are many ways, beliefs, and approaches to reach Heaven. The authors Bible based message will set that straight and plant the divine knowledge in you that will help others around you here the Gospel Truth as well.

This author has summed up and greatly impacted my conviction in one of his first opening statements, paraphrased this way; “It’s IMPOSSIBLE to know Christ and not reach out to others to know Him.” If you do not understand, or relate to this statement, then maybe today is the day this book is the tool God uses to reach you and save your soul as well as those you will be called to share the Gospel with. Don’t let the Devil stop you from living the amazing life God has in store for you today. This is my heartfelt message from one redeemed sinner to another. God Bless you for the change that is about to come in your reading of this book.” Ron Miears

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