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Safeguard Your Soul

Predators in Our Pulpits: Invasion of the End Time Wolves

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Paperback, Large Print

363 pages

The prophesied great “falling away" is upon us – in Christian media, seminaries, books, programs, and especially in our pulpits (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

As promised by our LORD and His apostles, “evil men and seducers” are waxing “worse and worse” in this late hour just before our Savior’s return (2 Timothy 3:13).


"A MUST-READ: Don't miss out on this read, all churches should have this book."

"Hits the nail on the head calls a spade a spade." John

"This is a very good book. Not many authors are touching this topic. I will be sharing this book with others." G.

"This book really helped me spiritually to grow and understand things that go on in some churches. It really helps you to have discernment that is so needed in the Body of Christ." Laurie

"This volume is richer than the last 10 “Christian” books I have read. In my opinion, this book is easily worth $100 and would pay that gladly to get it. The depth of Scriptural knowledge from this author is beyond what I have witnessed in a long time. The way this book is written reminds me of the spiritual depth I get from reading pastors of the past like Oswald Chambers or Andrew Murray. Next to God’s Word, I couldn’t more highly recommend an author or a book." B.

"I received and read the book Predators in Our Pulpits Invasion of the End Time Wolves. A needed book for true worshipers. The true Holy Spirit taught people will be thrilled to know that a book is out that is God breathed. This is for all the people who have entered through the narrow gate of true repentance from dead works towards the living God and have sought His face in true sorrowful humility. The people that have been brought from darkness into the marvelous light! They can be happy to know that others can clearly be shown the prophesied deception ONLY by using Gods Holy oracles and not man made speeches and traditions. It is a great tool for the foundational truths in righteousness which can be used to show others who are misled. People with covenant relationships with the Lord Almighty will be at one with this book!" D.

"This book is a must for those who are earnestly seeking the truth about the most important questions of life that one may ask. That is, what is "Salvation", and what is the definition of saving faith? Can we be sure of our eternal destiny? What does God require of us in this short life? Is it possible to be deceived and make fatal mistakes regarding our future, mistakes that will cost us our very souls? How do we recognize truth from error when confronted by so many conflicting opinions from numerous so-called "Christian" leaders? What is the most precious possession we have and can it be stolen from us unawares? Are there dangerous enemies out there, posing as friends, who will lead us into the fire? One day, will it be too late? This book is a warning. It is written from the heart of one who is a watchman for the truth. It will truly bless those who read it and heed the message it contains. The author does what the majority of false teachers do not do in this late hour. He uses the written word of God to point the reader to the truth and he exposes the deception that is rampant in our society concerning Christianity. If, in your heart, you sense that all is not right in these turbulent days, and that something is missing, then read this book. If you are concerned about others being deceived, get this book into their hands. All Christian teachers should consider this book a must read. My prayer is that God will open the eyes of your heart while there is still time. Do not wait. There are no guarantees that any of us will be here tomorrow. Jesus is the only way." Stephen

"The first time I read this book I did not want to put it down. I am reading again slowly now. This book revealed to me things that I would have never seen if I didn’t read it for myself. This is going to be a top seller in end time truth. The biblical truth in this volume is desperately needed, especially exposing the false preachers and churches in this late hour. This truly is a God-breathed book where so much has been put into it. This just blessed my day praise the Lord! Predators in Our Pulpits is unbeatable. A best seller. I still go back and read it as a reference book. You have built a strong foundation in the Word on this subject and I feel blessed to own a copy of this book. This is an awesome book, filled with Scripture, full of truth! I would highly recommend this book to everyone to read. I will also be ordering soon your book I Die Daily. Predators in Our Pulpits is power packed with the right kind of divine food. This is the best ever! Everyone needs to get this book. This book is ‘food from heaven’ and I am loving it and am being richly fed. Predators in the Pulpit is very confirming to me that this is the meat of the Word. This is a really valuable book! God Bless." Carol

"If you are beginning to wake up to the fact that all is not quite right within our various churches, you will want to read this book. It is not merely another expose' of the usual false teachers, false doctrines, false prophets, false everything that is out there today and was clearly predicted in God's Word. As Bible believing Christians, we should actually not be surprised to see such evil creeping into the church. Jesus clearly told us what we could expect in the "latter days" and it has been happening for quite some time now. At first it is easy to miss. It has been gradual. However, now, it's not so gradual anymore. It has become blatantly obvious to those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear." Deception is the name of the game - satan's game that is. I first came across this author, Todd Tomasella, when I read one of his other books, "Deceivers and False Prophets Among us." What so impressed me about that book was how scripturally based it is. Every single thing he says is backed up by scripture and he quotes it for you so you don't have to sit there with your Bible in your lap to look up everything as you go along unless you want to that is. The same is true of Predators. Totally scripturally based. This is an excellent book and one that I would highly recommend all Christians read. We must "be on our toes" at all times and learn with the Holy Spirit's help how to discern the truth from a lie. So much of what is out there now in the world of "churchianity" is not based on God's Word at all. It is not based on the Truth. In fact, much of it is pure deception. Spiritual discernment is so important and that comes from reading and studying God's Word and lots of prayer. Know His Word first and foremost. Read it for yourself. Study it, learn it, memorize it. Don't just automatically believe even what your pastor preaches or teaches. Check it out for yourself and compare it with the Word of God. What I appreciate the most about this author's work is that everything he writes is backed up by scripture. I mean everything. Predators and the other book, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us, are both excellent books to help you in your search for the Truth and in your development of discernment. I highly recommend both books and, in fact, I would suggest giving them as gifts to other loved ones as well. They are both great learning tools and excellent reference books in fact on this topic." L.

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