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Safeguard Your Soul

Born Again

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God has a New Life for You Today!

Best Soul-Winning Tool Ever!

44 Pages

Not that good at talking to people? Fear not! Innumerable multitudes of lost souls have been gloriously saved by our LORD Jesus Christ through the printed page! And here’s your answer to evangelizing the lost around you!

—– LOOKING for a Soul-Winning Tool? This one is incredible! I’ve personally seen dozens of people saved using this book and so have other disciples of Jesus! Pass this on.

Table of Contents

  1. “Born Again?” Why?
  2. What We Really Deserve
  3. Judgment Day is on the Way
  4. Made New Creatures
  5. Assurance of Salvation
  6. Are You Born Again or Are You Religious?
  7. Your Time to be Born Again

 Win Lost Sinners to Jesus with this Small Book! 

Got someone who is religious but not saved in your life? Got unsaved friends? Got friends who are Christians who could use edification? Get them this book and it will do the speaking!

After reading this little book, the reader will have NO doubt if they are truly the LORD’s child or not and will understand how to be one of His. At the end there is an invitation and a prayer of surrender (repentance and faith).

The message of this easy to read book is going to solidify what it means to be “born again” to both saints and sinners. Jesus says this is a “must” and so we should understand it and help others in the same. That’s exactly what this message will do!

In all of history, there is only One man who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and foretold His own death, burial, and resurrection, and accomplished it all! That Savior is Jesus Christ, the very Son of God who died on the cross for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2). This resurrection Savior told us that in order to be in His kingdom, one “must be born again.” (John 3:3, 7)

The message in this little book promises to alter forever the lives of all who read it and receive it. Eternity waits! God has provided the way of eternal life and He invites your response! In this volume, the reader will learn the critical importance of being brought to life spiritually (regenerated) and how this takes place. Full assurance of eternal life and escape from eternal damnation are the great blessings for all who receive and grasp the divine message contained in this little book.

A Crystal clear presentation of the Law, Gospel, last days, eternity, and how to be born again! The reader will have all essential questions answered in this little book! Get it! Get your copies of it to distribute! Get this book into the hands of others! This little book is done in large font, easy to read, and gives the reader the  life-giving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! At the end it offers the reader a prayer of surrender, repentance and faith in Christ alone to be saved.

Are you ready to win someone to Jesus? Get your supply of this book.

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