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Safeguard Your Soul

Authentic: Disciple of Jesus

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248 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Authentic Joy
  2. God Created You to Know Him
  3. Authentic Love
  4. Authentic Fellowship
  5. Authentic Humility
  6. My Foolishness and Sins
  7. Authentically Seeking God in the Morning
  8. Dominating the Devil
  9. Simply Authentic
  10. Having a Heart After the Lord
  11. Mourning Vs. Mirth Part 1
  12. Mourning Vs. Mirth Part 2
  13. Joy Comes After the Mourning
  14. The Importance of Personal, Organic Bible Study
  15. Authentically Honest
  16. Authentic Evangelism

Addendum: Making Peace with God


“Love this book! I can’t put it down! What a blessing!” Suzanne

“Your newest  book of encouragement called……….Authentic Disciple of Jesus……! An absolutely devil slapping message!” David Taylor

“I have this book and it’s an excellent Scriptures filled book on how to ensure your relationship with the Lord is true. Highly recommended!!” Dana

“Just heard the Word of God tonight in our lesson in our Authentic Disciple of Jesus book. In Chapter 6 ‘My Foolishness and Sin.’ This is a great book on this subject. My daughter and I have been studying it every night for a week now.” Charles Pray

“Enjoying Authentic! I’m just opening the Bible for every verse! Very powerful in a very loving way! Learning a lot too! Written beautifully! It’s definitely speaking to me! I’m learning a lot! Thank you! Love the prayers at end of chapter too!” Mary Jane

“So much knowledge and truth in this book. Must read! What an awesome book! The Author, Todd Tomasella is such a smart and wise man. Todd shares with us true meanings of being real with God and with others, true authenticity. He shares with knowledge and backs it up with verses in the Bible on every page. I am still reading this book and I have already learned a lot. There is so much knowledge and truth on each page of this book and each page is valuable. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This is a must read!” Stephen Long

“To really know Jesus Christ and stay strong in your walk with the Lord. This Authentic book is awesome and written concisely and with purpose to show how we can live a triumphant life in our Christian walk with Jesus Christ, the Savior. Every chapter is to the point and with much clarity, and is backed up by Scripture after Scripture. Just reading the first chapters took me to higher heights. It is not a flaky-written book, but is for serious believers who desire a victorious life in Him. I love it! Want to become a true disciple of Christ, buy this book and add it to your library of GREAT books. God bless.” Anita

“I highly recommend Todd’s books. Why do I? The reason I highly recommend his books is because I know of his boldness to stand for the cross of Christ and his witness to the lost and his astute desire and discipline to the word of God. He also, is a soul winner. To top that off, if it could be, his books are not like many of the more contemporary books out there today. Todd’s books are chalked full of the word of God, because he wants it to be clear to the reader that the thought pattern being formed is not a type of self assuming easy peasy path, full of pop psychology, but a close connection to what the scripture is actually teaching. So, I follow his work because I don’t want to be led astray by so many egregious forms of supposed “Christian books” that are really no more than a culture of universalism being spewed upon our brothers and sisters in the faith. It is a good book!” Stacy

“Another great book from Todd Tomasella. I always enjoy his perspective and thoughts on the scriptures and churches in general. Regardless of your faith or denomination, this book is worth reading and recommending to your friends and family.” V.

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